Deep Conditioning vs. Daily Conditioner

Which Products Are Best for Dry Hair?


Undeniably, hydration is the solution for dry hair. However, when it comes to providing hydration, which products are best for you. 

The two most popular choices are a daily moisturizer or a deep conditioner. They each have unique purposes, applications, and effects. Throughout this article, we compare both to help you determine which may be the best option to hydrate your hair.

Deep Conditioning vs. Daily Conditioner


Although they both have conditioner in the name, these are two completely different products. Here is how:


The products themselves vary in consistency and formulation. Typically, deep conditioners are very thick and dense. They are loaded with protein-based, hair-nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, and argan oils. 

While daily conditioners are much looser and thinner in texture, they also contain moisturizing ingredients but at a much lower concentration than deep conditioners. This is because many daily conditioners are mainly water-based. 


Deep conditioning and daily conditioners also differ when it comes to applying the products to your hair. 

Deep conditioners are generously applied to the hair, coating every strand. Then heat is applied, whether through the bag method or a conditioning cap, and sit in the hair for 15-30 minutes. This provides greater opportunity for the hair to fully absorb the product, penetrating the cuticle to gain optimal moisture. Because of this level of moisture, deep conditioners are only used once a week or once a month.

Rather, daily conditioners can be used well...daily. While they should coat the hair, once the hair is detangled, they may be rinsed out immediately. 


Carefully formulated to maximize hair moisture, deep conditioners provide long-lasting hydration and shine. 

Daily conditioners have the same effect, but the duration is much shorter. When using a daily conditioner, expect 2-3 days of hydration after applying. 


Can I Use a Daily Conditioner as a Deep Conditioner?

Of course! But before you do so, you will need to mix in additional moisturizing ingredients, e.g., egg, essential oils, shea butter, etc. to boost its moisturizing potential. Then follow the steps for applying a deep conditioner to achieve the greatest results. 


Can I Use Both, a Daily Conditioner & Deep Conditioner, into My Wash Day Routine?

A daily conditioner and deep conditioner have unique purposes in your hair care regimen. Daily conditioners are meant to provide quick relief and maintenance to minor hair care woes like frizzy or dull hair. However, deep conditioners purposely moisturize processed, heat damaged, or even chronically dry hair in need of intense hydration.

Both should be staples when it comes to your hair care. For your specific routine, the “condition” of your hair should determine the “conditioner” used. 


The Best Products for Dry Hair

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