How to Boost Hair Growth

5 Tips to Help Hair Grow Fast & Healthy

Do you want to know the secrets on how to boost hair growth? We can tell you that there is no magic remedy, nor is it an overnight process. However, there are tips and tricks to encourage healthy hair growth. They are all shared below.

1. Eat a Balanced Diet


To achieve healthy hair, women only consider their hair routine and the behaviors associated. But, to grow hair fast & healthy it may require some lifestyle changes, starting with a balanced diet and exercise. 

Let’s be honest; hair needs vitamins and nutrients to grow. When consuming fruits and veggies, rich in these vitamins and nutrients, they promote hair growth from the inside out. Another tip is to exercise, too, to increase blood flow to the scalp, stimulating hair growth regularly.


2. Everyday Scalp Massages


Okay, so exercising isn’t your thing? Everyday scalp massages are a simple alternative to boost blood flow circulation to the scalp. Just take your fingertips and rub them all over your scalp while gently applying pressure. You should immediately begin to feel a relaxed and tingling sensation.

Plus, according to research, a 4-minute scalp massage each day for 24 weeks can lead to thicker, longer hair. 


3. Trim Hair Frequently


Although it may seem counterintuitive, for hair to grow, you must trim it frequently. Why? Because trimming eliminates split ends and damaged hair. This hair is prone to snagging onto healthy hair, which causes more breakage. Freeing your tresses from troublesome split ends better presents the opportunity for healthy strands to grow.

But, be careful not to trim too often. We suggest checking in with a professional hairstylist to determine the best time to trim your ends. 


4. Low Manipulation Hairstyles


Give your hair a break! It’s so easy and fun to style your hair in unique ways. However, overdoing it can stress your strands, leaving them weak, brittle, and susceptible to damage.

Sometimes it is best to leave your hair be. Avoid applying too much heat, harsh chemicals, and any other poor behaviors that could diminish hair health. By doing so, you are allowing your hair to do what you intend for it to do...grow!


5. Invest in Quality Hair Care Products


The real secret on how to boost hair growth is in your products. What you put in your hair is what you will get out. To put it into perspective, when incorporating products that are low in key nutrients, watered-down, or are just unhealthy for the hair, it will result in unhealthy hair. 

Instead, use products that are natural and organic. In addition, you have read labels expressing which hair care products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free, right? There is a reason. Products that do not boast those qualities may contain chemicals that plague hair growth and hair health.

With Lëvor Hair, you can own quality hair products without breaking the bank. Our carefully formulated ingredients are balanced with our underlying determination to supplying luxe hair products at a reasonable cost for all hair types.

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