Simple Wash Day Routine for Wavy/ Curly Hair

For wavy or curly-haired women, wash day is truly... a day. Yes, you want long-lasting hydration and definition. But, you do not want to use dozens of products or steps to achieve it.

The truth is, your wash day should be and can be simple. This simplicity leads to consistency, which helps you achieve your best hair results. Here, we share our simple four-step wash routine. So that way, you can take back your day while accomplishing your hair goals. 

1. Pre-Poo


The purpose behind a pre-poo is to provide an extra layer of protection before clarifying the hair. Pre-poo products include a blend of nutrient-rich oils and butters to coat the strands, holding on to moisture that may be stripped away by harsh shampoos. Plus, pre-pooing the hair, seals in natural oils that are not always fully restored when applying a conditioner.

Other benefits of pre-pooing include:

  • smoother and softer hair
  • easing detangling 
  • the infusion of essential vitamins and nutrients boosting hair health

It is already tricky for curly and wavy hair to retain moisture. Therefore, using a pre-poo helps to hold on to any moisture already present while adding additional hair vitamins and nutrients. 

For more tips on how to pre-poo, please follow the link: How to Pre-Poo


2. Shampoo

Curly and wavy hair is prone to dryness and frizz. And, using the wrong shampoo can only intensify those hair issues. So, apply shampoo products that still add moisture without completely stripping the hair.

Avoid shampoos that emphasize “clarifying” or have sulfates as an ingredient. Those are indicators that the product is harsh, leaving the hair feeling “squeaky clean.” As a result, your hair will be brittle to the touch, difficult to detangle, and will require excessive amounts of conditioner to overcompensate the dryness. 

Instead, look for gentler shampoos with natural and organic ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, or peppermint tea tree oil.


3. Condition & Detangle

Once you have pre-pooed and shampooed, divide the hair into sections. Take a wide-tooth comb or use your fingers to detangle the hair gently. Your conditioners should have a lot of slip to ease the comb's gliding, separating the strands. 

Aside from that, it should easily coat all the strands without feeling weighed down because the best part of having curly/wavy hair is the volume. And, we don't want any product to take away from that. 

There are thousands of conditioners. How do you choose the best one for you? Look for products labeled hydrating, quenching, moisturizing, etc. They each should contain a unique formula to support those claims. Natural and organic conditioners branded as sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicon free, or rich with essential oils are even better!

To add deeper moisture, you can swap your everyday conditioner or a deep conditioner or hair mask. Leave the product in for 15-30 minutes, apply heat (plastic bag), then rinse.


4. Leave-In & Style


Long-term hydration and definition depend on the product and style, which is why your leave-in product comes in clutch. It is best to apply directly after rinsing the conditioner. You can also use these products throughout the day or week. 

As you go about your daily routine, your hair may face humidity, dry air, or rub against your shirt and shoulders. Leave-in conditioners are ideal for keeping your hair healthy and hydrated while working as a defense mechanism to these elements.

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