Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Wavy Hair Routine

Wavy hair is the ultimate in-between. It is not-so curly, not-so-straight, not-so oily, and not-so dry.

Unfortunately, many products address common extremes like brittleness or greasy hair that are unrelated to the needs of wavy hair. Therefore, wavy-haired individuals have difficulty finding the perfect product and routine to allow their hair to thrive. You, too, desire moisture, definition, and volume, as well. But, your current products either over-deliver or underwhelm.

At Lëvor, we take those hair goals and bring them to the forefront, not only by our products but also in our education. Here are some tips and tricks to help achieve naturally beautiful and healthy wavy hair.

Shampoo Less Frequently

Clarifying can be harsh on wavy hair. After a wash, it is common to have squeaky clean feeling hair. But, when it is overdone, it will have your strands stripped and brittle to the touch. Not to mention, your hair will appear frizzy and dry.

Despite popular belief, wavy hair does not need to be shampooed daily or weekly. Rather it is healthier to clarify at least once a month. And since the natural bends and waves slow the spread of sebum, there is no need to worry about greasy hair.

So continue to give your hair a thorough deep cleanse to get rid of product build-up and have a clean scalp. Yet, trust your hair-tuition by only doing so when you feel it is necessary. 

Consider the CG Method

The CG method, or Curly Girl method, is a series of approaches to caring for hair. But, don’t let the title fool you. The curly girl method can benefit wavy hair too.

Literally, the CG method comes with an entire rule book featuring detailed hair related dos and don’ts. A major “don’t” to focus on involves your hair products, more specifically, conditioners. 

Stay away from using conditioners labeled with parabens, sulfates, silicones, and focus more on using products with natural oils, butters, and vitamins listed as key ingredients. Just by swapping your conditioners for more CG friendly products help to revive and rejuvenate dry, damaged hair. Otherwise, continuing to apply silicone or paraben-based products can weigh the hair down, diminishing volume while adding frizz. 

Though, be mindful. The CG method was very much designed for curly-haired girls. Therefore, if you choose to follow its rules, tweak and modify them in a way that accommodates your wavy hair needs.


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Clump. Then, Plop.

Most wavy-haired individuals plop after a wash, but do you clump? Clumping is the action taken to gather and bunch hair strands. 

Generally, as the hair dries the bends and waves naturally begin to clump. Once dry, the clumps will equate to shiny, defined hair. To achieve more definition you need more clumps. The key to encouraging hair clumping is proper detangling. 

Before you detangle, ensure the hair is well hydrated. Your hair must be saturated with conditioner and water allowing the natural waves to form. Also, avoid tension-causing detangling tools like heavily bristled brushes. Raking your hair with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb is a better alternative. 

When your hair is clumped, rinse with cold water to lock in moisture and, again, reduce frizz. Then, move forward with plopping

Trust Lëvor 

Achieving healthy, beautiful wavy hair comes down to your products and practices. We shared a few tips for each, but we can help you put everything you learned into action, starting with Lëvor’s hair care products. Our natural, organic products were formulated for all hair types, including wavy hair. Shop our products and incorporate them into your wavy hair routine to accomplish those desired hair goals.