What Is a Hot Oil Treatment

& Should You Use it For Your Hair


Many women who suffer from chronic dry hair and scalp often turn to heavy butters and deep conditioners for relief. However, sometimes the solution can be much simpler. 

Hot oil treatments are a blend of natural oils like olive, jojoba, and castor oil that, when warmed and applied to the hair, effectively seal the hair cuticle. The sealing of the hair cuticle helps to tame hair frizz while adding intense moisture that will last for days.

Not to mention, there are numerous other benefits; however, each is dependent on how the hot oil treatment is applied and the product itself. 


The Benefits of a Hot Oil Treatment

Each oil has unique properties that help to promote hair health. In other words, the benefits of a hot oil treatment directly relate to the oil blend. 

For example, Lëvor’s Hot Oil Treatment has an organic mixture of olive oil, sweet lemongrass, and argan oil, among other ingredients. We break down the benefits of each.

Olive Oil 

Smooths hair while maintaining the cuticle's natural texture. Plus, it helps to eliminate split ends, which aids in healthy hair growth.

Sweet Lemongrass Oil

This essential oil calms the scalp, ultimately reducing itchiness and irritation. It may minimize dandruff, as well.

Argan Oil

Derived from the Moroccan Argan Tree kernels, argan oil is rich in fatty acids that can protect the hair during styling and processing. 

Other potential benefits of hot oil treatments may include:

  • increased hair shine
  • less hair and scalp dryness
  • greater blood flow to the scalp, stimulating hair growth


    How to Properly Apply a Hot Oil Treatment

    Although the ingredients can have a positive impact on hair health, you can reap the most benefits when applying the hot oil treatment properly.

    To do so:

    1. Thoroughly wash your hair and scalp.
    2. Gently warm your hot oil treatment. Place a few droplets in a bowl (enough to coat your hair and scalp). Then heat the oil in the microwave or a warm water bath.
    3. Test the oil on the back of your hand or wrist to check the temperature. If the oil stings or burns it is too hot. Please wait a minute or two for the oil to cool, then test the oil again.
    4. Detangle the hair to get rid of any knots or shed hair.
    5. Rake the oil throughout your hair and massage onto your scalp.
    6. Cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic bag.
    7. Leave hot oil in your hair for 20 to 30 minutes.
    8. Rinse the oil from your hair and scalp. Proceed with the rest of your hair care routine. 


    Is a Hot Oil Treatment Best for You?

    Now that you understand what is a hot oil treatment, is it best for you? As mentioned earlier, hot oil treatment is frequently used by women who face chronic dry hair and scalp. This product can be used by any and everyone wishing to have or maintain healthy, moisturized hair. Whether you have wavy, straight, or kinky hair, all women can reap the benefits of a hot oil treatment. 

    Lëvor Hair’s organic hot oil treatment is available to purchase now. Shop online and order yours today, so you too can experience healthier hair.