What is Lëvor?

Lëvor is more than a hair care provider. We are nature enthusiasts who understand the impact nature can have on our beauty and community. Rather than look at each as a separate entity, through Lëvor, they are all connected by the soil that grounds us.

Created by One, Shared for All

The beauty of Mother Nature is that she supplies our every need. Whether we desire food, water, or simply air, she fulfills abundantly. We believe the same goes for our hair and the products used to care for it. 
Therefore, we accept whatever Mother Nature provides us. This includes her rich, essential oils, restorative vitamins, and vital nutrients. We have collected all that was given to us. Then, modestly present it to you as Lëvor hair care.
 With that comes an intense focus on vegan, cruelty-free, nature-inspired products that are affordable and accessible by the masses. Our carefully formulated organic ingredients are balanced with our underlying determination to supply natural, luxe hair products at a reasonable cost for all hair types. 

It Takes a Community to Build a Community

Our purpose is to create products that promote growth, not only hair growth but also societal growth. 
For so long the beauty industry has been skin deep. Standards were only based on the complexions of the skin and the features that came with. Essentially, it was a linear scale separated and biased by hair grade and type. However, at Lëvor, we are choosing to break up that monotone mantra. Now, it has become our mission to desegregate the haircare industry one product at a time, and the overall beauty industry one community at a time.
All the former rules of beauty standards have been completely erased and recreated by our own terms. We understand that this world consists of many individuals of various races, cultures, and backgrounds. Therefore, your hair should be a reflection of it. And your hair care should be a celebration of it -- but, truly we are more than hair care. We are a community bonded by a genuine love and appreciation for your unique self.
At Lëvor, unity is our strength and diversity is our power. We simply give you the products and the platform to make it yours too.