Daily Care Package


Hydration Therapy Oil + Curl-n-Style Cream

Our daily care package was created with your everyday needs in mind. 

Lëvor's Curl-n-Style Cream is perfect for those who suffer from excessive shedding or extremely dry ends. This product is also known for helping create beautiful protective styles, and stimulating growth. Paired with the Hydration Therapy Oil it is perfect for hair that needs the extra care. 

How to use Hydration Therapy Oil:  

  • Lightly dampen hair to allow product to open up hair cuticles  
  • Pour desired amount into hand 
  • Apply product to your ends and mid-strands 
  • Comb through hair to evenly disperse the product and detangle 
  • Massage remaining oil on hands into scalp for 30-60 seconds to stimulate blood flow 
  • Style your hair and have a great hair day! 

How to use Curl-n-Style Cream: 

  • Wet hair to define your curls 
  • Section hair into 2-4 sections depending on thickness 
  • Add in the Curl-n-Style Cream to hold curls and reduce frizz. Or use product to style hair 


  • Pair with the Hydration Therapy Oil for total moisture 
  • Always use on damp hair 
  • If you struggle with severe breakage, apply the product twice a day to help nurture hair back to good health 
  • When combing hair, start from the ends and work your way up 


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